There are two different kinds of observations you can make, either a timed survey or an instant record (chance count). See FAQs for more information.

Once you have made your observation, there are three ways you can get your observations to us. Below are options #1, #2 and #3. Choose one or use them all – whatever works for you! If you are out and about counting kererū make the most of our Quick Observation page (available from the 17 September 2021) or download the iNaturalist phone app.

For more information on adding your count please see the “FAQs for the Great Kererū Count 2021” page.

Download the iNaturalist apps and join NZ iNaturalist.

Project name = The Great Kererū Count 2021


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For more information see the “FAQs for Great Kererū Count 2021” page