This year we have 3 Options available with multiple ways to make your kererū observations – Computer, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones are all ways you can get your observations in to us.

Below are options #1, #2 and #3 choose one or use them all – whatever works for you! If you are out and about counting kererū make the most of our Quick Observation page (available from the 22nd September 2017 or download the iNaturalist phone app.

For more information on adding your count please see the “FAQs for the Great Kererū Count 2017” page.

Download the iNaturalist apps here:


Need help using the app?
Click Here for step by step instructions


For more information see the “FAQs for the Great Kererū Count 2017” page.

Quick Tip:

If you are using the Quick Observation page on your iPhone via Safari you can create a website shortcut to your iPhone home screen – that way you just click the icon from your Home screen and it will open directly to the quick Observation page.


Open the Great Kererū Count website on your phone – browse to the Quick Observation Page.
Click  the to bring up the options.

Click the “Add to Home Screen” Button