Observations made in the GKC 2020
Kererū counted during the GKC 2020

The Great Kererū Count is NZ’s biggest citizen science project to help gather information on the abundance and distribution of the New Zealand pigeon — also known as kererū, kūkū or kūkupa.

Everyone in New Zealand can get involved with the Great Kererū Count, whether you see any kererū or not, sharing your observations with us will help build up a clearer picture of where the kererū live, how many there are and what they are feeding on.

The humble kererū is one of New Zealand’s most valuable assets when it comes to our native forests. Long before humans came to this country, kererū have been undertaking the largest plant restoration project the country has ever seen. Kererū are the only bird left in New Zealand that are able to swallow and disperse the seeds from our largest native trees such as tawa, taraire, pūriri and mataiKererū can live for 21+ years and are essential for native bush regeneration. Their disappearance would be a disaster for our native forests.

Observations made in the GKC 2019
Kererū counted during the GKC 2019

In a single day Kererū can fly up to


So keep an eye on the sky

Observations made in the GKC 2018
Kererū counted during the GKC 2018

The Great Kererū Count was set up to help us get a better understanding of kererū numbers and distribution across New Zealand. The Great Kererū Count is an annual citizen science project and the more people who participate, the better the understanding we will get on how kererū are doing across the country. The previous 4 years have proven the level of interest and love New Zealanders hold for kererū, in turn, showing how culturally and ecologically significant kererū are to us all. We have around 3 years left of data to collect so it’s incredibly important for us to complete this journey with you, our citizen scientists. Everyone in New Zealand can get involved with the Great Kererū Count, whether you see any kererū or not, sharing observations will help build up a clearer picture of where the kererū live, how many kererū there are or aren’t, what they are feeding on and most importantly how best to protect them.

Why get involved? Kererū are protected birds and endemic to New Zealand. Kererū numbers today are much lower than the flocks reported from 50-100 years ago. Despite this, they do not have formal threatened status. This means that the Great Kererū Count is the only centralised data gathered to monitor the overall national trends of this significant bird. Kererū play a crucial role in dispersing the large fruits of our native trees such as tawa, taraire and matai and many more. No other mainland bird is large enough to fulfil this function, making the species essential for forest regeneration. Information and data collected from this nationwide citizen science project will be used to better protect kererū and to help save our native forests. Protecting kererū helps protect our native ecosystems.

Observations in the GKC 2017
Kererū Counted in 2017

Kererū for Bird of the year!


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The Great Kererū Count is a collaborative project brought to NZ by Kererū Discovery, Urban Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Wellington City Council, Dunedin City Council & City Sanctuary, Nelson City Council and Victoria University of Wellington

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3 days ago

Kererū Discovery

We have a beautiful new calendar for you for 2021. We have called it "Beaks and Bills". It shows the amazing different shapes, sizes, and uses of our natives’ beaks and bills.
The calendar showcases some of the birds that have received veterinary treatment and care at the hospital. Each month features a great picture of one of the beautiful birds that we have rehabilitated.

The A4 calendar makes a great gift for friends and family in New Zealand and overseas. Be sure to treat yourself to a copy as well!
Our calendars are $20 each (add $6 for postage, if required).

Please email admin@wildlifehospital.co.nz to place your order, including your name, address and phone number.
You can also contact us through Facebook message here:
Payment can be made via bank deposit:

​Bank Deposit
Account name: Wildlife Veterinary Trust
Account number: 03-1700-0259077-00
Reference: Your full name / number of calendars

New Zealand shipping rates
$6 for courier bag to post anywhere in NZ

We will deliver within Christchurch, or the calendars can be picked up from the hospital (9.30am or 4.30pm daily) or Willowbank (open 9.30-5.30pm daily)

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks for your support!
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4 days ago

Kererū Discovery

Alas another casualty of the holiday traffic. This kererū was found on the side of the road after being hit by a car. I got a call and organised drop off and rushed it in to the NEST at Wellington Zoo. Sadly the humerus is shattered in multiple pieces close to the top joint. No chance of fixing so has to be euthanised 😢. Big thanks to the lovely person who stop and picked up the kererū and thanks to Lower Hutt Kereru Rescue for the call and organising the transfer to me so I could get it to the NEST. ... See MoreSee Less

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